To See Is To Believe

To see is to believe…that’s a very practical saying that applies to our daily life. And this seems to prove true for Thomas. In the gospel for the Second Sunday of Easter, Thomas proudly declared that if he would not touch the nail marks on the hands and feet of Jesus and the wound on his side, he would not believe. And Jesus obliged to this request. But almost immediately, he has declared a profession of faith, which most bible scholars agree that it is the passage where somebody openly believed that Jesus is God, when Thomas declared, “My Lord and my God.”


However, we should consider ourselves blessed because of Jesus’ promise that we are blessed because we have believed even if we haven’t seen. However, the question would remain, how much have we really believed that Jesus has risen from the dead? Do we have the same conviction as those who have risked their lives and many of them have given it because they have proclaimed that Jesus is alive? From the early martyrs during the persecutions of the first three centuries of the church until now for people who are being persecuted in countries where Christianity is still forbidden to be preached.


With one heart, we continue praying our Sri Lankan brothers, and sisters who lost loved ones because of the atrocious attack on Easter Sunday. We know that violence like this won’t have the last word. “Peace be with you…” is Jesus Christ message on the first Easter.

Fr Marlon


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