The Parish main office is in Petone.  This is also where Fr Marlon, the Parish Priest, resides.

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is responsible for the ‘big picture’ of the parish.  The council works with the Parish Priest to plan and foster pastoral activities.  Their main functions are: agree on a pastoral plan; make sure that plan is carried out and evaluate the result.  It is made up of the Parish Priest, assistant Priest, members from each of the four communities, a youth representative and a school principals’ representative.

Finance Committee

In each Parish there is to be a finance committee to help the Parish Priest in the administration of the goods of the Parish, without prejudice to Canon 532.” The Parish Finance Committee (PFC) has a particular responsibility to ensure that the parish is adequately resourced in terms of its facilities and staffing.  It supports the pastoral works of the parish, working closely with the Parish Priest, the Parish Pastoral Council and Building and Maintenance Committee by preparing budgets, providing financial advice, accounting for parish income and expenditure and safeguarding parish assets.  It is made up of the Parish Priest and a member from each of the four communities.

Building & Maintenance Committee

The Building & Maintenance Committee was formed in December 2017.  Its primary task is to ensure that the parish properties are well maintained.  The committee oversees work such as earthquake strengthening and appointing maintenance contractors.  It is made up of Parish members who have relevant skills, such as engineers and building project managers.  The committee works closely with the PFC

Stewardship Teams

Each community within the parish has a Stewardship Team.  The Teams’ main purpose is to provide governance and strategic direction for the cultural and spiritual aspects of their community within the framework of the larger parish as set by the Parish Pastoral Council through the Pastoral Plan. This acknowledges that each community has its own personality and will pursue the common goals in different ways.