The four schools in our Parish have begun to develop ways they are able to work together to benefit all the children in the parish. It gives these students and teachers a chance to meet others within the parish and develop connections.

In term one a Leadership retreat was held at St Claudine’s. This was attended by the student leaders of each school and gave them the opportunity to explore their role as leaders in our Catholic Schools. The theme was Servant Leadership and enabled this group of young people to understand that their leadership is based on the model of Jesus.

Term two is our “Sacramental” term. It is a chance for schools to share resources for use in the teaching of the Sacramental programmes. This year this programme was co taught by Parish leaders and teachers in three of the schools. It is wonderful to see so many of our young people participate in this journey.

In Term three schools attended a Caritas workshop at Our Lady of the Rosary. The focus of the workshop was “family’s ups and Downs. This was the theme for Social Justice Week. Our Year 5 and 6 students enjoyed the presentation by Caritas Education Officer Michael Stewart.

As we look forward, we see many opportunities for our students to share and collaborate as one parish.